CTOCPH offers CTO-services on a consultancy basis.

A CTO, according to our definition, is the highest manager in an organization who is responsible for “tech”. It’s not the traditional CIO (who is responsible for IT management, service delivery, IT support, hardware and sometimes the datacenter or at least the servers).

The CTO is responsible for the strategic direction and management around all efforts that the company takes when it comes to leading IT-initiatives to solve problems with tech. This could be “disruptive” inventions such as a smart application that would make things that before was manual to digital. CTO stands for Chief Technological Officer. The title is broad, and could be different in different organizations. The common denominator is that technology is involved. In an era where coding and building new applications is not that hard (but nevertheless requires thinking and time), the CTO is usually a kind of Development Manager. If the organization is more geared towards tech, and very mature and thought thru, the CTO is in the board, alongside the CFO (not reporting to).

In CTOCPH we have seen that many organizations lack the representation of a CTO. This is a very important position to have in order to succeed and avoid the common pitfalls.

CTOCPH fills this gap by offering theseĀ CTO-services.

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