We have the organization and the needed experience. Turn your application idea in to a working software. Our own development team build and launch great applications. When building applications and software it’s all about process. First, understanding the user needs we assume we want to solve. This may sound easy, but many projects fail here. User stories should be easy to understand. Workshops, interviews and expert panels will help gather some needs, and we’ll have to experiment and build MVP’s (Minimum Viable Product) to be able to see if our idea is good enough, as fast as possible.

A service for SMB – Small and Medium Business

This service is targeted to small business customers. Have you been going around thinking “why don’t we build this application” – but never came further? With our consultants we facilitate workshops and sessions to understand the idea/need.  Then we work to realize it, together with the customer.

In some projects we can get very far with prototyping tools, which is great when visualizing the idea. This enables early feedback in the process.

A service for larger companies

This service also fits larger companies as they can outsource a part of their application or a complete project to CTOCPH to build. We have experience from a range of projects and application development in many industries.

Creating the business case

Creating a business case and calculating if the application has value is an important part of a later process in realizing the project.

Agile working model

We use the agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. This means involving the customer early in the process. Changes are made every second week or even more often. There is always a way to check in and see the application being developed. The days when a specification was thrown over the hedge and the development team not seen in two months are gone. Now it’s all about collaboration and involvement. This is a de-risking model built to be able to test your assumptions of the market as quick as possible.


Have a look at our page with references and read about the online recruitment software Bridge.

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