CTOCPH offers CTO Consultants that can be engaged per project, per hour or per delivery.

What does this mean?

Companies who are not ready to take the step and hire a full-time CTO, or perhaps doesn’t have the budget, want to try the waters before sailing or simply like the new flexible economy better, can engage a CTO Consultant. The biggest difference is not in the skill set of the CTO, it’s the long term investment in the CTO. A consultant will come in, use experience to assess the situation, understand the task at hand and get the forces moving to deliver a project or a service, including planning, coordination, discussion and company orientation. A CTO never starts running until all the needs of the stakeholders are known. A CTO also comes with their own suggestions, again based on experienced. Once a standard set of user stories/requirements are set – off they go. And they’ll keep reporting back. If you are looking for a more long-term solution spanning years, and want a person to grow with the organisation, please have a look at our recruitment of CTO.

A CTO from CTOCPH has these skills:

  • Ability to understand organisations and their needs.
  • Able to engage developers and key stakeholders and adjust their “language” from technical to business when needed.
  • Has more than 10 years of experience leading IT and web application-projects – they have done this before.
  • Are experts in delivery and they will deliver.
  • Facilitates and manages stakeholders, ie is the spoke person for the project/product and acts as the Single Point of Contact (SPoC).
  • Can lead others; PMs, Developers, Designers – but can also be the others, hands-on.
  • Certifications such as CSM (Certified Scrum Master) or PMP (Project Management Professional).
  • An educational background on a master level, with IT background.
  • Is a leader and driver towards technical excellence, not a micro-manager.

Want to know more?

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