Do you have a project that needs to hit the ground running, or perhaps your are swimming in backlog/defects and quickly need help now?

How it works

Meanwhile we are looking for a CTO, or meanwhile you are finding your solution – we offer to take the seat as interim CTO. This means, we will work on a weekly or even daily basis if needed, and come in and cover a specific task for you, so your business can continue to run, while we find a solution. As recruitment can take, and should take, a while – this is a popular product to cover the instant need.

What CTOCPH Interim CTOs can do

  • Quickly get up to speed and engage the organisation in what’s needed to be done now
  • Prioritise and help the developers to understand features, functions and what’s important right now
  • Make sure that features are described and packaged, and that they are delivered on time
  • Take the steering wheel as the CTO, and make short term plans for making sure things are moving as they should
  • Get things done now
  • Smoothly transition the projects and tasks to the full-time CTO when that person is hired

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