Web is a broad term that covers many areas such as Websites, Web content management, Web blogs, Web portals. In short it’s simply web – it’s what’s online.

From a more technical perspective we work with the technology behind. What technology to use for what product is always different, it depends of if it was built before on a special technology or if it’s about to be migrated to another, to make it more simple.

The job of the CTO is to enable the business ideas

Web is more about usability and experience than the underlying technology it’s built on. Almost all coding languages can build great web applications, it’s more about how you build it that’s key. And in the end, the most important thing is that someone is interested in using it. It also needs to look and function good. In the competition with millions of other great applications, websites and online software (aka SaaS) – it needs to stand out.

The job of the CTO is to enable the business ideas and thinking to turn into a product or service that works, and keeps working even though it’s challenged from all sides in terms of huge loads of visitors, security threats, virus, competitors and changing business environments.

The use of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud (AWS EC2), Google Cloud Compute and Red Hat Open Shift can help to make sure that your product works even though there is a high load of users, as it can be configured to activate more servers and spread the users/visitors/customers over many virtual servers.

The classic thinking in that web is HTML/CSS also still holds. That controls the look and feel in the browser, with the help of jQuery (a JavaScript library) and Ajax.

Sounds too technical already? CTOCPH offers CTO-services, where we come in and take the role as the acting CTO and help you setup everything you need, including hiring developers, setting up a budget and making a plan. Contact us if this sounds interesting.